Haiti Chicken Project

Chickens for Haiti


During the fall of 2010, St. Cecelia Parish of Algona began a twinning program with St. Jeanne de Chantal Parish in Haiti. The twinning program is a Catholic-based program connecting parishes in the United States to churches in both Haiti and Central America.  St. Cecelia is preparing for its sixth group of parishioners to travel to Chantal in February.  This group will continue the work of the prior groups, which includes medical mission work, repairs, maintenance, and fostering the spiritual connection between the two churches.


As they continue to develop the twinning support with St. Jeanne de Chantal, the twin parish committee at St. Cecelia began to look for projects that could improve conditions in Chantal in a more sustainable way.  Fr. Gousse, the new pastor at St. Jeanne, has experience placing chickens with families to develop flocks for eggs and food.  Using this idea, the committee began a fundraising campaign at St. Cecelia.  With a donation of $10, a chicken can be purchased for a family in Haiti.  The program begins with a family receiving twenty chickens to start their flock.  The family can use the chickens for eggs and meat, but after a year they must pass on five chickens to another family.  The goal is for the project to grow and for families to reduce their food costs, allowing them to pay tuition for their students to remain in school. 


Support for the project has been widespread.  The faith formation classes at St. Cecelia made donations.  Bishop Garrigan and Seton students were challenged by the school administration to raise enough money to buy 100 chickens.  The students responded to the challenge whole-heartedly, raising over $3,000 – enough for more than 300 chickens!  The students at Seton were especially excited to meet the goal, earning them the special treat of making human sundaes out of Mrs. Kristie Hough and Mr. Dave Schnurr, along with a performance of the Chicken Dance by the rest of the teachers.


To date, over $7,500 has been raised for the Haiti Chicken Project.  As groups from St. Cecelia visit Chantal each year, they will be able to see the effects of this sustainable program for the children and families of St. Jeanne de Chantal.


There is still time to make a donation, either by check (with Haiti Chicken Project in the memo) or online through this link: