Totus Tuus


Totus Tuus 2014




This was a great Totus Tuus week.  There were 77 participants.  The 1st-6th graders learned about the Commandments and the Luminous Mysteries went to confession and went to Mass everyday.  The program for the older kids included discussions about The Commandments and Morality, they had Adoration and confessions.   Thank-you to Father Kollasch, Father John Thomas and Father Ed for daily mass and confessions, to Ellen Gatton and Virginia Schulte who provided music for the daily Mass, to the 6 high school kids and the adults who helped out in the classroom, to The Patti & Kelly Thilges family and Pete & Gaylene who housed the team, to the many who provided lunch and dinner for the team and to everyone who donated snacks and drinks.  It takes all of us to make it work. 


Please thank and pray for the team, Sara, Travis, Josh and Missy as they continue to give their all “to Jesus Christ through Mary”.